Ever wonder how many people have fallen in love while riding a train?  How many use the train to move to a new city, new home and new life?  How many ride the train as their sole vacation?  How many ride one to be reunited with long, lost loved ones?  To escape from tyranny and reach freedom?  To get to and from work every day and make a living?  Do you know how many tens of millions of people now ride super-fast bullet trains as their sole means of transportation and livelihood?

Well then, if you don’t know, then you’ve never read our amazing book Fast Trains: America’s High Speed Future.  It’s full of passionate stories and incredible pics and illustrations to entertain and enlighten you and your children and children’s children for years to come.

So what are you waiting for?  The conductor is calling “All aboard!”  So come visit our book on and see what you’ve been missing and need to experience…and do so at the speed of a super-fast bullet train!  Here:


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