Children love trains.  The sight and sound of them hurtling by sparks their imagination and creativity.  Once upon a time they were the transportational and passenger-transport backbone of our country.  They still provide these services and are crucial to our trade and commerce and economy. But most important, they are important to our history and to our children.

This is why Fast Trains is such a great book to own and read. And to share with your children!

Our book Fast Trains is filled with wonderful photos and illustrations depicting amazing trains and their history.  It is also a book rich in facts, photos and inspiration regarding the advent of high speed rail trains and the tremendous benefit HSR will bring to America.  In all these regards, Fast Trains is a timeless book to own and share with your children and children’s children and with fellow Americans now and for a hundred years to come.

If you’ve never visited our book site on, here’s your chance.  Check out the reviews there and what happy readers are saying about Fast Trains, the book.  And how magnificent it will be when we experience fast trains, the HSR kind, when they come to America and ferry us into the future!

Check it here:


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