3 sex drugs & islamREAD A RIVETING STORY LATELY?

SEX DRUGS & ISLAM by former fighter pilot and renaissance man Dari Ghaznavi reads like an epic action story by the writers of incredible hits like “Die Hard” and “Top Gun.” It’s action, adventure and unforgettable pathos and passion all rolled into one!

You can check out the non-stop thumbs-up reviews on the amazon page for SEX DRUGS & ISLAM and learn why Dari’s life story is one you’ll hate yourself for not reading and experiencing. Here:

And here’s a dramatic, thought-provoking excerpt from SEX DRUGS & ISLAM to get you sensationally started!

“During the first few months, maybe even the first few years, after my near fatal injury, I was numb with pain. The uncertainty and the reality of living the rest of my life within the confines of a wheelchair was chilling. I was shell-shocked by the catastrophic incident. Gradually I acquired calmness of mind and some humor to accept this as a humbling shakedown by the powers-that-be. I had been living too good of a life.

I was suddenly shy. My heart moved through silent but deep waters. Nothing and no one interested me or made me very happy. I remained tough, but confused, a sad and tragic state to be in. I wanted to to be a good example to my children, who were grown up now. It broke their hearts to see their father in such a horrific state. I reminded myself that it is not what happens to you, it is how you respond to it, how you deal with it, that must be the true measure of a man or a woman.”


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