FAST TRAINS: Check Out The Maglev!


Presently the fastest bullet train in the world is the Shanghai Maglev Train in China. Here’s some stats on it:

Maximum speed:
Commercial Operation: 431 kilometers per hour (268 mph)
Non Commercial Test: 501 kilometers per hour (311 mph)
The top operational commercial speed of this train is 431 km/h (268 mph), making it the world’s fastest train in regular commercial service since its opening in 2004. During a test run on 12 November 2003, the train achieved a record speed of 501 km/h (311 mph).

The Shanghai Maglev Train or Shanghai Transrapid is a magnetic levitation train, or maglev line that operates in Shanghai, China. The line is the first commercially operated high speed magnetic levitation line in the world!

Read our book FAST TRAINS and learn about this and all the immense benefits of having high speed rail in America. China is enjoying all the immense benefits of HSR. Isn’t it time for America to catch up?

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