SEX DRUGS & ISLAM is now an amazon #1 bestseller!



As happy leader of the marketing staff for Dari Ghaznavi’s dynamic book SEX DRUGS & ISLAM, it is my pleasure to share and spread some fabulous news.  Dari’s biographical tome has hit #1 on the bestseller list! And in several categories!! Can you believe it? Yes, you can. For it’s truly true!

SEX DRUGS & ISLAM is now an amazon #1 bestseller in the categories of Social Scientist and Psychologists Biographies, White Collar Crime, Social Sciences and Psychologists in Books. And all of us here at Dari’s mansion are humbled, pizazzed and so happy for him. And also prize all of you who have read his breathtaking story. We thank you and everyone who has joined us online, gotten Dari’s book and continues to support us. His life story is a spiritual awakening, as well as a non-stop compelling epic and titillating, suspenseful biopic.

Dari believes if he can live the dangerous and incredible life he’s lived–and survive it and earn amazing redemption, then so can everyone reach an higher ground and achieve their dream of success and redemption. Visit Dari’s inimitable story on amazon and order yourself a copy of this fabulous bestselling book. Share the inspiration! Right here:

“Zero in like a laser beam. And insist, persist and persevere!” –Dari Ghaznavi


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