Milky Way Illumination At Delicate Arch-DisplayTHIS IS WEEKEND IS THE WEEKEND!

Check out this fabulous photo of an epic location in Arches National Park at night.  Never in a million years could your eyes capture a star-filled-sky view like this in the city or suburbs!

And we at 59 Veterans Project can’t wait till we’re out gallivanting all our 59 national parks in the honored company of veterans who we’ll be providing work and teaching 3D photography as part of our lofty mission here on planet earth.

It’s not something we all can share this very moment or weekend.  But one thing you can do this weekend is visit our national parks. Especially this weekend cause they’re giving a free pass to everyone this Presidents Day weekend. To learn more about this, go here: http://www.nps.gov/findapark/presidents-day.htm.

And to learn more about our 59 Veterans Project, please visit online right here: http://www.59veterans.com/. For you know we can’t wait to meet everyone along the trail…and at the top of the summit!

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