I’m in a philosophical-poetical mood today.  So here’s a poem of mine for all my friends here and elsewhere who enjoy philosophy and poetry.  And might be in the same mood or wishing to become so!


There was a time not so long ago in my life
My purpose had been to change the world around me,
And put an end to things like poverty and strife
And stand up and fight oppression and tyranny.

Ah, it was long ago and of a younger wrath
When noble were the many choices I had made.
And yet, though mine was spent upon a righteous path,
It was a lonely and unfulfilling crusade.

For soon thereafter and also not long ago,
In the very moment I thought my cause was won,
Again rose the presence of my unbeknownst foe
From the very place where before there had stood none!–

Like a desolate ghost reflected in a mirror,
Like a disentombed sage whispering in my ear:
“Ah, your goal to change the world is righteous and true,
But before it can be done, you must first change you!”


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