As a professional writer, there are numerous writing and editing services I provide professional businesses and individuals alike. One of these is writing personalized poems. Almost regardless of the subject or specifics, I can probably write you an elegant and poignant poem to memorialize that special person or event you have in mind. And my fees are quite reasonable! Plus, I will write it in true verse, with rhyme and meter and structure and depth! Drop me a note and I’ll tell you how I can write you a poem that is uniquely yours.

In the meantime, here is a poem that might put a smile on your face!


Oh, I see the contagious smile you give me
Walking by one day along this lonely street.
There ought to be a law against such beauty
Smiling at you…but impossible to meet.

But come now, my dear, stop and test the waters.
It’s warm here, and should be for the longest while.
As for those moments when your courage falters,
Oh, I will save you with a contagious smile!

Then after some wine and words shared together,
I’ll offer my heart to you and tell you why
Ah, I have loved you always and forever…
Since waiting a lifetime for you to walk by.


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