Share Moving Masters With All Your Summer Friends!

MM1Share Moving Masters With All Your Summer Friends!

Summer is upon us and ’tis the season when more people than ever plan and make that major household or office move to new digs.  And be it cross-town or long distance, anywhere in the New York or Tri-State region or along the east coast, MOVING MASTERS is your No. 1 flat-rate, long distance moving company.

So rest assured: WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!

Our moving trucks and crews are revved up to handle the busy summer months and provide you the fast, efficient and caring moving service you need.  We’re a moving company that prides itself on honesty, safety and reliability.  And treating every customer like family.  For this is what we do and can’t wait to do for you!

So visit our website and give a call or drop us a note online.  And remember:

“Prevent a Disaster! Call Moving Masters and Move It Faster!!”
Call: 855-MOVITEZ (855-668-4839)


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