MOVING MASTERS: Part 2 of Moving Tips!


MOVING MASTERS is in the business of providing top-quality flat-rate long distance moving services to our cherished customers throughout the New York, Tri-State and east coast regions of our beautiful country. Moving one’s entire household or business or factory across town or across the country can be extremely challenging and difficult, as you probably know.

But our well-trained, experienced professional movers and drivers are experts at getting you moved smoothly, quickly and efficiently as well as safely and stress-free. We treat you like our own family and with utmost respect and care.

Here are some moving tips to prepare you when you have to move and need to “Prevent a Disaster! Call Moving Masters and Move It Faster!!” Contact us online when you do:


To Do: 3 Weeks Before Moving (PART 2):

You should know how you are moving and have all the arrangements finalized (truck, movers, etc.).
Start packing anything that is non-essential (anything that you use very rarely).
Keep boxes well labeled by Room. It may help to mark the room in the old home as well as the room to take it to in the new home.
Separate out any valuables that you will need to move yourself (keep them together).
Set a box aside that will be filled with items you will need the day you move (tools, small parts from furniture, etc.).
Create an inventory list of all the items and include serial numbers where available for items you need to insure.
Fill out a change of address form with the U.S. Postal Service (don’t wait until the last minute or mail you need won’t be at your new home).
Make sure that friends, families, neighbors, and employers all have your new address.
Notify your insurance and credit card companies of your change of address.
Cancel automated payments associated with the old home and all of them if you are switching banks.
Make sure that you get all vehicles into the shop for a tune-up so that they are ready for the move.


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