59 VETERANS PROJECT: Medal of Honor Winner Mary Edwards Walker



Many do not know this, but there is only one woman in American history who has won the Medal of Honor.  And her name is MARY EDWARDS WALKER.

The fact that women have been prevented from serving in the military for almost the entire history of the U.S, it comes as no surprise that only one woman has ever received the MOH.  Born in Oswego, New York, Mary Edwards Walker was an army surgeon during the American Civil War.  But despite having a medical degree, she was forced to be a nurse in the early years of the war.  She attended to wounded soldiers at the First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) and at the battles of Fredericksburg and Chickamauga.

Then in 1864, she sneaked across enemy lines to help injured civilians and was captured by the Confederates. Later, she was traded in a prisoner exchange and recommended for the Medal of Honor. To date, she is the only woman to ever receive our country’s highest award for bravery.

Her amazing life story is worth reading, and you can go here to learn more about this extraordinary woman: http://www.biography.com/people/mary-walker-9522110#synopsis.  Meanwhile, don’t hesitate visiting us, the 59 VETERANS PROJECT, to learn about our cause to teach, work with and help our military veterans while trekking the awesome precincts of our 59 national parks.  http://www.59veterans.com.

We hope you will share this journey with us!


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