59 VETERANS PROJECT: The National Park of American Samoa Rocks!




In the American Territory of American Samoa is the National Park of American Samoa.  It is distributed across three separate islands named Tutuila, Ofu  and Ta’ū in the Pacific.  The park consists of beautiful scenic views, coral reefs, tropical rainforests, fruit bats and the Samoan culture.  It is very popular for numerous outdoor activities including hiking, biking, swimming and snorkeling.  Of the park’s 13,500 acres, 9,000 acres is land and 4,500 is coral reefs and ocean.  It is the only American national park south of the Equator.

Of our 59 national parks, American Samoa is definitely a prime oceanic locale to visit and spend an enchanted vacation enjoying sun, surf, beautiful beaches and a host of natural treasures not found anywhere else on earth.  And we at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT can’t wait to experience and share this island paradise with our military veterans who we will be teaching 3D photography and videography.

To learn more about the National Park of American Samoa, visit this fabulous site: http://www.britannica.com/place/National-Park-of-American-Samoa.  And to learn about the 59 VETERANS PROJECT, come visit us online at http://www.59veterans.com.  Give us a like and a share and come join us in our project to help veterans and transition them to viable career opportunities!

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