Come join the 59 Veterans Project in Canyonlands National Park!

Canyonlands National Park at night



Canyonlands National Park in Monticello, Utah, just enjoyed its Star Party and Grand View of the Milky Way celebration yesterday, and we hear that it was a hugely successful event.  Canyonlands National Park may just well be the most perfect place in North America to go stargazing and also practice your photographic and videography skills.  But it’s also a fabulous park to visit when it comes to experiencing epic rock formations, mysterious canyons and incredible wildlife and natural edifices of every kind!

Speaking of photography and videography, all of us here at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT can’t wait till we are soon teaching 3D photography and videography to our veterans and helping them find careers in these visually artistic-technical careers.  We especially can’t wait to be doing it at Canyonlands National Park.  Once we get the motorhome gassed and supplied with staff, provisions and veterans, Canyonlands here we come!

To learn more about Canyonlands National Park, visit this very informative online site:  And to learn about the 59 VETERANS PROJECT and our mission to help veterans, visit our headquarters company here:  For you know, we can’t wait to meet you at the pass and ascend the summit together.


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