My dear friend Don Martini is sick…seriously sick. And he needs help. He needs surgery to remove cancer from his body. And if he gets this surgery his chances are very good he will survive and live a long life and can continue being a loving husband and father to his children. And because Don is such a good person, he can continue doing good for other people and making a difference in so many people’s lives.

At this time, he has collected one fourth of the cost needed to pay for his cancer surgery. And he has a philanthropist who will match whatever donations he collects by this Saturday. So it is critical that as many good people as possible step forward and help. Can you help? Will you help? A fellow good person who needs your help? Even a dollar or two can make a difference, especially if several thousand people can find it within their hearts to give at least a dollar or two. We all talk about doing a good deed and helping others and wanting to make a difference. If you help save one person’s life–especially a good person like Don–trust me, you will be making a difference. Of this you can be certain.

Please visit Don’s fundraising page on GoFundMe here: You will see that Don is a good person and the real deal. He’s made a difference in the lives of so many people. I know you can too. “If we’re not here for each other, then why are we here?” –Dean Koontz

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