59 Veterans Project is Taking 4K/3D Photos in Joshua Tree!

Here at the 59 Veterans Project we have been quietly testing cameras that will not only capture 4K/3D video for the project but are affordable.
Here are 4 images from the prototype testing this past December at Joshua Tree National Park.  Credits go out to Ron Donkersley for capturing the COB (in the Black Hat) for some pretty great pictures.
This is only part of what we will be teaching our military veterans who accompany us through out beautiful 59 national parks as we teach them 4K/3D photography and videography and help them segue into dynamic, viable careers.
This is our project. This is our goal and cause.  And which we are drawing closer–ever closer–to officially launching this year.  We hope you will share our messages and our cause with your online friends and followers.   We hope you will support us and contribute–even if it’s liking our Facebook page and posts or giving us a share and saying hello.  We hope you will care.
So visit us here on Facebook and at our headquarters company to learn more about the 59 Veterans Project.  Right here: http://59veterans.com/.  For most of all, we hope you will join us and be a part of our project and noble cause.  So that we may traverse these beautiful national parks and ascend the summit together!

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