FAST TRAINS: Feel the Need for Speed?!



Want to get to work in five minutes instead of 45? Want to save tens of thousands of dollars on gas, oil, parts and repair on your car each year and avoid the stress and madness of inner city driving, gridlock, parking problems and tickets and our dependence on foreign oil?

And if you ever feel the need for speed…and swiftness, take a gander at this fast, hurtling HSR video. Sit comfortable back in your luxurious HSR seat and order a drink and some appetizers. And watch the landscape wiz by wherever you feel like commuting when HSR comes to America! Go here and bring all your speed-efficiency-loving friends with you:

“Wrap your head around this, people — nearly 360 MPH! That’s what these machines are capable of doing, without one drop of gasoline, without careening off the curves! If you want something to show your speed junkie friends why we need HSR, this is the video.” –Demetrius Villa, High Speed Rail America Club


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