There is a street in Bakersfield, California, called William F. Halsey Avenue. Across America and elsewhere in the world there are literally dozens and dozens of other streets similarly named. They are named for the toughest and one of the bravest and most important individuals to fight and hold command during the Second World War: Admiral William F. “Bull” Halsey.
That entire sea battles were won because of Admiral Halsey is indisputable. That the Allies defeated Imperial Japan and secured victory in the Pacific theater no doubt is too. Maybe most important of all is the fact because of Bull Halsey the United States won the first (and most important?) land battle of the war: the Battle for Guadalcanal (1942–43). A battle, if we had lost, probably would have lost us the entire war, or certainly the war against Japan.
“The Fighting Sailor” took command of Guadalcanal when defeat seemed imminent for U.S. forces, and where previous commanders before him had failed to succeed. His leadership, military tactics, incredible courage and bull-headed determination earned him the Navy Cross, a special place in naval history and the undying love of U.S. Marines who he championed throughout the war.
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“All problems become smaller if you don’t dodge them but confront them.” — Admiral William F. Halsey

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