Prince Rogers Nelson

PRINCEIt might be Friday, but there was no way I would or could let this week go by without acknowledging and giving homage to the supreme loss of the incomparable and supreme singer-songwriter, performer and guitarist Prince.  He had many outstanding albums, thus numerous hit songs–songs that are timeless and will ever remain so.  To compile a true list of all of them, we would be here for quite a spell!  So what I’ve done is include my top five faves by Prince Rogers Nelson.  Give a listen.  You ought to hear something astounding and beautiful and which you may not have heard before.  For adding new beauty to one’s life, I do believe, is a princely goal.

Patrick The Poet

1.  Controversy –

2.  Little Red Corvette –

3.  I Would Die 4 U –

4.  Raspberry Beret –

5.  Purple Rain –


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