Worth Losing



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Meanwhile, here is a poem for all everyone whose quest in life is to overcome loneliness. Here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=618912981596845&set=a.260862494068564.1073741827.100004344460097&type=3&theater


Some would believe love will never come to them:
There are not angels but only stars above;
And such joy only lives in books and poems;
Yet how would you know if you’ve never known love?

For I wonder if you thought of me today,
And in just one thought you held me near and dear?
Then later when you found a smile in your heart,
Was it not some thought of me that put it there?

Oh, you can live free of feelings, and aloof,
What joy does love give that pain does not abuse?
Why suffer happiness that can come and go,
When in loneliness there is nothing to lose?

I come to you softly but experienced,
As someone who knows love and made it succeed.
Even if longing is a selfish weakness,
Love is not wrong cause it is something you need.

Besides, love is not bondage or sacrifice.
But a journey two choose to walk together.
It may not offer peace and serenity,
But its chance at happiness lives forever!

Yes, you can live for freedom and loneliness,
And take pleasure in worshiping self-denial,
But each morning when you awake with the dawn
Your heart will know what it is that made you smile.

So try as you will, you cannot stop thinking of me.
For love is a choice which no one is free to choose.
Besides, what possible harm can there be in love
When loneliness is the only thing you have to lose?

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