I love writing love poems for clients.  And other kinds of personalized poems to get your boat to float and your heart to soar forevermore.  You have something poignant and profound to say and to immortalize into words, yes?  It’s my delight to make it so for you.  Be it an eulogy or goodbye poem, a special thank you or to brand a business, or a simple friendship or love poem.  You love someone, shouldn’t you say?  In an unforgettable way?  And what is a love poem?

Here, this is a love poem…

I once fell in love, and she became my dearest friend,
Here so long ago, by the dissolute, windy sea.
And her hair was redolent and soft, and touched by the wind,
Here so long ago, where she came and fell in love with me.
And there we would stroll each day until the morning’s end,
Till the evening showed and caused the sand to rise and hiss;
And draw us indoors and to the warmth where we would pretend
Our lips were parched–but not because we could no longer kiss!
Nor because our hearts were earnest, and life is so frail.
Nor because forever is impossible to find.
But because love is a dream that even life can’t unveil,
It is not what death kills that hurts, but what it leaves behind.
And so it is when forever dies and will not tell
All the times that were, and all the times that could have been:
How the winds blew and for a time allowed our hearts to swell
Until time must sweep away what can never live again.
So now it is I stroll the windy mornings alone,
And curse the dark evenings that harbor death and despair.
But since love is like a dream that lives in places unknown,
I forever search for you in the wind that touched your hair.



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