The first combat amputee to climb and reach the summit of Mount Everest!


Wounded Vet Charlie Linville


Wounded U.S. vet Charlie Linville became the first combat amputee to climb and reach the summit of Mount Everest. This is what we mean here at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT when we talk about ascending the summit with our military veterans and with your support and participation!

The Heroes Project announced Thursday that 30-year-old Idaho native and retired U.S. Marine Corp Staff Sgt. Charlie Linville had reached the 29,029-foot summit of the famous mountain. It was the third attempt to reach the summit by the Boise High School graduate after previous tries in 2014 and 2015. Linville was defusing bombs in Afghanistan in 2011 when he was injured as an explosive device detonated, leading to the amputation of his right leg.

Thus it is our honor and pleasure to share this inspiring story and historical event with all our online friends and supporters. Watch the attached video and be inspired! And please visit our online site to learn more about the 59 VETERANS PROJECT. And our soon-to-launch enterprise to help veterans find careers in 4K and VR videography and photography while traveling, filming and ascending many lofty summits throughout our magnificent 59 national parks! Here:

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