We Need A Swiss HSR Tunnel in America!



To the rest of the world it used to be America’s mantra “What you can do, we can do better.” And more often than not it was the rest of the world emulating us or trying to out-do us. However, for some time now America has been sorely left in the dust when it comes to mass transportation, public transportation, cost-effective and fast/innovative transportation and the ferrying of people and goods throughout and across our great country.

However, we shouldn’t be against anyone who is doing these things with great success and ultimate state of the art effectiveness. We should let them set an example for us and motivate us to all get on board the HSR bullet train and embrace this superior transportation system.

So check out this engineering marvel of a HSR tunnel the Swiss have created in Europe and tell us what you think. Tell us if you’re ready to reclaim our mantra, and tell it to the world: “What you can do, we can do better!”


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