Happy July 4th from the 59 Vets Project!



Tomorrow is a sacred day for all of America. It’s a day that represents the values and virtues of our country and what it means to be an American. It represents our nation’s freedom and liberty and an honored remembrance of all who have served and fought for our country and its freedom and liberty.

Fireworks, parades, barbecues, Sousa marches and a frolicking three-day weekend to celebrate and have fun is all great. But remember the flag–the Stars & Stripes–and what it represents and all the blood shed for it. Visit a national cemetery and witness the reverent ceremonies that will be held within all their confines tomorrow. And gaze upon the rows and rows of graves of all the valiant souls who have served, fought and paid “the last full measure of devotion” for Old Glory and for America.

We celebrate Independence Day every July 4th. Not dependence day. This too, we must remember and never forget. We celebrate our history and all our veterans and active military personnel who are serving us and our country throughout the world. For this, all of us here at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT give a hand salute! And wish all of them and you a very Happy 4th of July!

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