Faraway and Lost (Part 1)



My services are always available to write you a personalized poem, the kind of poem you may wish to dedicate to someone you love; and a poem that is substantial and real verse. Or even a poem you wish to dedicate to someone you loved and lost. Like this poem of mine herewith.


So let us put away courage and cower on the floor,
In the ghastly instances when twilight is on the eve!
For tragedy lurks, and the wolf is always at the door,
And death is everywhere–no matter what you may believe!

For we always assume that we will stay young forever
And all the salient lives we cherish will never die,
And all the ties that bind us–no truth will ever sever,
Since there is nothing–good or evil–we cannot defy!

Then suddenly…the years become an incoherent tide
And we are caught wearing grief about us like a used glove,
While struggling to keep our feelings as strangers outside
Near all the kindred souls we need but need never think of!
(And I? Who seldom ever felt grief when a stranger died?
I, at last, now know how it feels to lose someone you love.)

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