Meet…THE OddsMaker is Now On Sale at!

MOST FINAL MTOM Cover 04_27_17


It is our fabulous pleasure to officially announce the publishing of Ted Hasson’s seminal nonfiction novel “Meet…THE OddsMaker.”

Meet…THE OddsMaker is the real-life story of Ted Hasson, during a pivotal period in his life. It is about a man trying to make it in a world that has deserted him. The book is riddled with unsavory characters, greedy associates and disloyal “friends.” But on the other side, Ted Hasson is blessed with a loving family, true friendships, unshakeable faith and a compelling desire to help others succeed in life!

Ted’s amazing book is now on sale via several prominent retail sites including amazon where you can read more about Meet…THE OddsMaker via the many sterling reviews and informative content now posted there (after only four days!).

Just go here: — and order your Kindle copy of Ted’s unforgettable life story…especially at this time while it is available at such a low price!

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