Have You Read This Incredible Book Yet?


You won’t believe what people are saying about Ted Hasson’s astonishing true life story “Meet…THE OddsMaker.” A three-time bestseller, it just continues to rock and impress!

“I just finished reading Meet…THE OddsMaker and want to say that as a TV producer, I would love to develop this story into a three-part, six-hour mini-series for television!” — Matthew Borlenghi, President of Black Hat Productions, Inc.

“I highly recommend this book. You will not be disappointed. Not only is it an amazing true story, it will open your eyes to some of the things that can happen to people in the ‘real world.'” — Armando Aguirre

“It’s a barn burner you will not want to put down. This book proves that ‘truth is stranger than fiction.’ Don’t miss all the twists and turns and surprises.” — Candy Williamson

“If you’re looking to move your spirit, this telltale expose will give you all you can handle!” — Firefighter Paul

Convinced? Go here and check out Meet…THE OddsMaker. Make your summer an unforgettable and astonishing one! http://tinyurl.com/k4m9b4p

MOST FINAL MTOM Cover 04_27_17


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