Tear-Stained Earth

Tear-Stained Earth

It is my pleasure to thank voice-over artist/actor John Taft (jocofocus@gmail.com) for his excellent recitation of my poem here; and also thank Catherine B. Roy and LHM Productions {office@catherinebroy.com) for the beautiful video they made of it. The earth is joy-stained because of them!

So please go watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b29QpwKdzjc&feature=youtu.be and leave a like and comment! Thanks.



I know the grief and anguish you have suffered,
I can feel the pain and hurt you have felt.
Oh, some might think I am cold and callous,
But they’ve not seen my heart see your tears and melt.

For who should wear his empathy upon his sleeve?
Who needs to prove to strangers his dire worth?
I keep my compassion inside of me,
For some sorrows are best saved for the tear-stained earth.


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