Despite how potent and powerful are lies, deceit and violence, there are some things they cannot destroy and will stand forever impotent against! As enumerated in my poem here.



Hopes of bravery can be inspired from the sea.
And evoke thoughts of wisdom to guide us through youth.
It suffers not fools who think the telling of lies
Might somehow extinguish the existence of truth.

There in the restless waves droplets of passion rise,
In fierce forms and storms from the spiritual above!
They suffer not doubt that may dwell in you and me
Who fear hate or greed is ever stronger than love.

The sea is sacrosanct and our stern redeemer,
And gives of salvation what is entirely free!
It suffers not those who conceive wealth and power
Could ever replace honor and integrity.

For dreams soar here, even in life’s darkest hour,
And flow from the sea in an ever-endless stream!
It suffers not fools who think killing the dreamer
Might somehow in some way ever destroy the dream.


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