A Walk In the Rain


In it’s own special and serendipitous way, poetry should entertain you, surprise you, enliven you and delight you. Here’s a poem of mine I trust may accomplish all these things. And if it should, may it also induce you to check out a whole volume of mine that beckons to do the same!



Oh, not too long ago, on a lonely day like today,
I watched you like the sunset that came but failed to remain.
And like every leaving sunset–I watched you walk away.
On a day like today…so much filled with darkness and rain.

And though my torched heart truly loved you and begged you to stay,
(And though you paused long enough to give me strength to sustain
The worry of your leaving and the darkness of the day)
I never thought you’d leave till you stepped out into the rain.

And though the rain keeps on falling, and seems so bleak and black,
And I feel like I’m drowning in a pool of endless pain,
Suddenly, one day–ah, the very same day! You came back!
(For you never left me. You just took a walk in the rain.)


Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N068XLC/


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