The 59 Vets Project Introduces You To Everglades National Park!



Everglades National Park in Florida (The Everglades) is the largest tropical wilderness within the United States. It consists of mangrove and a tropical rainforest ecosystem and marine estuary that is home to 36 protected species, which include the Florida panther, American crocodile, the ring-necked duck, Cuban treefrog and West Indian manatee. Some areas in the park have been drained and developed; but restoration projects are in progress to restore the ecology to all of The Everglades.

This national park is an amazing place to visit and to experience nature and rugged environment as nowhere else on planet Earth! To learn more about Everglades National Park, visit this fabulous website here: Then visit Everglades National Park and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit us, the 59 VETERANS PROJECT, and learn about our seminal project to help veterans learn and earn careers in videography and photography as we and they trek through all 59 of our magnificent national parks. Come visit us here:

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