MasterCat Team Wishes you Happy New Year 2018!



It’s our pleasure here at MasterCat Team to serve the people of Chicago and Illinois and customers we have across the country in remediating and cleaning up damage caused to their homes and businesses.

We want to thank all of them for their patronage, and wish all of our friends, family members and customers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Be safe and have a great 2018!!

Happy New Year from Meet…THE OddsMaker!

We’re a happy team at Meet…THE OddsMaker, and we thank everyone who has bought a copy of Ted Hasson’s inimitable true life story. We thank you, and we wish all of you a profound, productive and profitable 2018. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Message from Entrepreneur & Health Biz CEO Oni Vitandham!


My healthy health and tea products are coming soon! I’m getting all my products packaged and ready and launching my new business extremely soon. One thing that motivated me to create my own health products was that I wanted to cut at least 50% of wrinkles from my body. And with my original health and tea products I’ve been able to do it! As it is, I will turn 54 in two months…not that you can tell!

— Oni Vitandham

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As the new year draws closer and closer, I become more inclined to share my personal thoughts on certain things. But one thing rings true: “Not every philosopher is a poet. But every poet is a philosopher!” Or so I’ve been told. 😊😊

🙏 ✌ ✊


For the cause of flag and country your courage is hurled.
Against tyranny you fight till victory is won.
For your cause is noble wishing to save the whole world,
But what you have done in life just to save one person?

If you find one piece of silver or a pittance to give,
Might you find a better way to be noble and brave?
To help someone deserving to continue to live,
Or to preserve someone he loves from an early grave?

Oh, you have achieved glory and known wealth and success.
You care about people—your good intentions are set.
Still, though a charitable heart you claim to possess,
I wonder if you’ve tried random acts of kindness yet!

For great is accomplishment and fulfilling your dreams,
And sharing and contributing to society.
Life is full of many great causes and noble themes,
And well it is lived in honor and integrity.

But go on and change the world by speaking one kind word,
Or by being a friend to anyone who’s in strife.
But to save the whole world well, perhaps you haven’t heard,
Ah, isn’t it enough to save just one single life?

So be kind today and help the world in some small way
(For it matters not if you’ve never understood this!).
Though it’s just an opinion—it’s one I dare to say—
No life better lives than that which lives doing goodness.


😎 😌 🎭

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Merry Christmas to all my friends, family, clients, online followers and former subscribers to the POET’S Day Newsletter!


Here is a a song and a poem for today. The song is my favorite for Christmas. The poem is food for thought for the duration of existence! For it is not a negative poem or a downer poem. Nor even a sad poem or despairing poem. It’s just a reminder poem. Keep its message near…and close to your heart.


The song:


CHERISH by Patrick P. Stafford

One day, unforeseen, you’ll wake up alone
Wondering where the years had taken you.
For so much seemed certain and cast in stone,
Yet somehow the years had forsaken you.

For time is a phantom and bitter truth
That hurriedly and selfishly moves on.
Each day it screams to you: Cherish your youth!
For one day you’ll wake up it’ll be gone.

Let love and beauty encompass your length
And let passion be all your heart may know.
So find someone to love with all your strength!
For one day will come you’ll have to let go.

Count all your blessings and bounty each day,
All the wealth you shared, all the love you spent.
For dreams are like moments that fade away,
And are gone before you know why they went.

Do kindness and give all the good you can.
For life is fleeting—I have not been vague!
And while time awaits to complete its plan,
Pray for dignity—and not have to beg!

For life is so fragile—life is so brief,
And time is so greedy—time is a thief!
So cherish the ones you love—and hold on!
For one day you’ll wake up and they’ll be gone.

💖 💘 💝

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Christmas Greetings from Meet…THE OddsMaker & Ted Hasson!



It’s Christmas throughout the world, and especially here in America amidst all the colorful lights and decorations that help make Christmas so much fun. Meanwhile, here at Meet…THE OddsMaker headquarters all of us jolly elves, along with author Ted Hasson, are spending this beautiful day with friends and family.

We hope you are too and are enjoying a magnificent day! So, from all of us to all of you: we wish you happy holiday greetings and a fabulous MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Merry Christmas from Friends of HSR!



For all our friends and followers, and all of you who love trains and high speed rail trains, all of us here at FRIENDS OF HSR wish you Merry Christmas. And a beautiful Christmas train ride!

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