A Beautiful Message From Meet The OddsMaker!



For those of you who have not yet read Ted Hasson’s bestselling life story Meet…THE OddsMaker, copies are still available and we encourage you to experience the read of a lifetime. By going here: https://lnkd.in/grPaBFM

Meanwhile, it’s our pleasure here at MTOM to share this beautiful meme from The LHM on Facebook. We hope you do the same! 😚

Youth, Beauty & Health for You from Chandler Tea!


I created my company Chandler Tea to create and share my health and beauty products with women everywhere. They are 100% natural and organic ingredients, many of them I discovered while a child living in Cambodia. They will give you beautiful skin, beautiful hair and optimal health and wellness. For every woman should look and feel young, healthy and beautiful! — Oni Vitandham

They are here for you: https://chandlertea.com/

LinkedIn Expert Here to Make Your LinkedIn Expertly Awesome!

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Not to brag, but I recently hit over 19,700 connections here on LinkedIn. Some people say that numbers aren’t important. But come on, which can bring you more sales and opportunity: 500 connections or 5,000? Well, would you like to have a ton of connections for your LinkedIn business/profile? To do business with? To sell your product or service to? To promote your cause and petition? To obtain and/or exchange mutual opportunity and financial benefit? To convert into customers or clients?

If you’re ready to rock ‘n roll and achieve results via the No. 1 business site on the Internet, let’s do it! I’ll get you 1,000 targeted LinkedIn connections within two weeks. For the small price of $293.33! Check out my friendly but dynamic LinkedIn profile and contact me asap: http://goo.gl/uScJka / marcelproust37@hotmail.com.

Time waits for no one; neither does success!


Sunset Over Badlands Yellow Mounds

It is our pleasure here at the 59 VETS to introduce all our online friends and followers to extraordinary professional photographer and U.S. Navy veteran Wes Gibson.

Wes is working with the 59 VETS in our project to train U.S. Veterans for a career in 4K ultra high-definition and virtual reality videography. The project is slated to produce a series of 1-hour programs featuring each of America’s magnificent 59 National Parks.

Presently Wes is on assignment with us at Badlands National Park in South Dakota creating a photographic journey of this epic place which we are delighted to begin sharing with everyone at this time.

It is our great pleasure to welcome Wes Gibson into our ranks, and we hope you stop by our page on Facebook often to view his incredible photographs and what promises to be an epic national park journey of rugged beauty and visual splendor!

Meanwhle, check out Wes Gibson at Badlands National Park this week: http://tinyurl.com/y6wpk6wq

59 VETS on Facebook…https://www.facebook.com/59veterans/

Enjoy Youthful, Beautiful Skin with Khmer Cream from Chandler Tea!

Sunlight can be so good for the skin, and the vitamin D it provides you. So I love summer and spending time at the beach. But to keep my skin really youthful and wrinkle-free, I use Khmer Cream from Chandler Tea. You deserve to look and feel young and walk the beach, too! — Oni Vitandham

For young, beautiful skin: https://lnkd.in/e4fQH7u

For more enjoyable pics: https://lnkd.in/gPvHKQB



Friends of HSR Has a Metaphor for You!

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In various places there are people and publications continuously writing hopeful news about high speed rail coming to the U.S. Now six years later since we founded this Facebook page, no see-able progress has occurred with HSR in California, nor in Texas, nor in Florida, nor in any other locale where hopeful HSR news has and is still being written.

So, we at Friends of HSR decided to post this pic that in not too subtle tones pretty much describes the state of high speed rail in America at present. Metaphorically speaking, of course!

LONE URL: http://tinyurl.com/ycbfgjgq

Don’t Miss The Good Typist Blog!



This week on the popular blog The Good Typist my unparalleled writer-friend Kristen McHenry has surpassed herself (again!) in unsurpassable ways. She’s not only penned a post that’s interesting, informative and entertaining. But it’s one that surpasses even Walter Winchell’s penchant for topical eclecticness. And if you don’t know who Walter Winchell is (was!), you don’t need to. Cause we have Kristen McHenry.

For all your subject matter experts out there, we’re talking mall shopping, summer pantsing, novel shopping and reading, literary book reviews and even classic dancing and funky music. We’re talking Kristen McHenry. And the most stimulating and enjoyable reading you can do online!

Right here: https://thegoodtypist.blogspot.com/2018/07/the-unicorn-of-pants-novel-gazing-heat.html

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