Come Visit Arches National Park with the 59 Vets!

1Arches National Park2

Here at the 59 Veterans we are eager to launch our project to journey our national parks with military veterans we will be teaching advanced 4K videography and 3D photography. Together we will be filming a video record of our journey in each of our amazing 59 national parks. One of our first excursions will be Arches National Park!

The perfect place for hiking, biking, camping and to experience our nation’s beautiful outdoors, Arches National Park has many amazing natural rock formations and stone and rock arch to photograph and enjoy up close and personal. The park hosts more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, the most popular being Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch and Double Arch.

In Utah and established on November 12, 1971, the desert park also contains many life-sustaining biological soil crusts and potholes that serve as natural water-collecting basins. Other geologic formations include stone pinnacles, fins and balancing rocks. To learn more about this national park, visit:

To learn more about the 59 Vets and our project to help military veterans, visit our Facebook: We can’t wait to ascend this summit with veterans and you!

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