Now an Important Word from Sgt Al


Sgt Al Castro here. Somebody the other day in the comments section criticized me by saying essentially it doesn’t help my cause by “begging for money.” Putting on an informative but entertaining show produced by public television isn’t easy, I see. You really do need to raise funds from the public to produce it, before you even go on the air. The kind of show I’ll be making for the public you won’t find on network or cable television. If you find purpose for me here that can be beneficial elsewhere, then I’m going to need your help, and just a few dollars is all that’s required!

I am poised to go national with my own televised broadcast, streaming live from Hollywood, California and produced by a public television station in San Diego. My dynamic coverage will include the incredible Electric Car Revolution in America, and important news on alternative energy and green living!

I just need your help to get started and to make my national broadcast a life reality to serve honest and good people everywhere. We have collected over $2,000 so far, but still far from the goal we need. So please, visit my humble donation site online. ANY generous kindness you can provide will be appreciated!



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