The 59 Veterans Project Can’t Wait to Visit Biscayne National Park with Veterans!

1Biscayne National Park5


Established on June 28, 1980, Biscayne National Park in Florida is an oceanic, underwater paradise of astonishing plant and animal sea life just waiting to be swam with, photographed and experienced!

Located in Florida’s Biscayne Bay, this national park lies at the north end of the Florida Keys, is a habitat for several endangered species and holds four interrelated marine ecosystems: the mangrove forest, the Bay, the Keys and coral reefs. Some threatened animals include the West Indian manatee, the American crocodile, various sea turtles and the peregrine falcon.

Swimming, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, boating, parasailing and numerous other outdoor activities are to be had here, and all of us at the 59 Veterans can’t wait to share and enjoy them with our military veterans when our project is launched.

To learn more about this paradiso national park, visit this major site online: And to learn about our project to help military veterans, please visit our headquarters here: We hope you will join us so we can ascend this summit together!

Kristen McHenry’s Blog The Good Typist is Truly Magnificent this Week!



This week’s blog by Kristen McHenry on The Good Typist is truly a profound and beautiful post. It’s one that will move you and tug at your heartstrings like no other.

I hope you go to experience it and share it with friends so they can experience it, too. For there are things in life not to be missed.

Go here:



Let’s begin by embracing the three most important words of today – and almost every day – especially when it comes to profession, work and being at the top of your game.  They are “Train! Train! Train!”

They are followed closely by: “Never stop training!” 

When we say train, it is synonymous with practice. We train to hone our abilities and skills and keep them at peak efficiency. Then we practice using our skills and knowledge to stay 100% familiar and proficient with what we know and can do.

So, the next three most important words to remember are: “Train and practice!” 

Why do we train and practice? Why should we train and practice? Why must we train and practice? Here are five reasons that immediately come to mind:

  1. Stay familiar and proficient with what you know and do
  2. Hone your skills and keep them at top efficiency.
  3. To be prepared to do what is always required
  4. To maintain and even increase self-confidence
  5. To learn new things and add to one’s knowledge and skills

Some people believe you can get better at sports only by playing and doing. However, between hockey, baseball or football games, teams train, exercise and practice constantly and without fail. You get better at playing by training to play!

It is during training that you work to strengthen your weak areas. You find the mistakes and your blind spots at work. Then work and train to correct these issues and transform weaknesses into strengths and faults into skills.

The myth of natural talent is just that – a MYTH!  That you are born with genius skills or intelligence – and that these things alone are what account for super-successful athletes, entrepreneurs, billionaires and celebrities – is a fallacy.  While you may enter this world with some advantage over others, you will not achieve incredible success without training and practice.

The final two “most important” words we give you for today and every other day of your life, in addition to the words “character, commitment, determination, passion, self-discipline” are the foundation of “train and practice” and essential to every team leader and his devoted team of well-trained workers. They are the last two words in the following story:

Years ago, when at the height of his automotive and industrial success, the inimitable innovator and entrepreneur Henry Ford was interviewed by a group of reporters whose goal, they claimed, was to discover the secret to success.

He sat before them answering their many questions about automobiles, business operations, mass production, leadership and employee relations—all the while waiting for the ultimate question he knew was coming.  Finally, one of the reporters asked it. “Tell us, Mr. Ford, what is the secret to success?” 

They all bent forward in wild anticipation of his response and in finally hearing and learning the cosmic answer to what everyone had been dying to know throughout human history!

He smiled for a second. Then leaned in toward them, and whispered, “Hard work.” 

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Check Out this Battlesight Zero Story from the 59 Veterans Project!

1Gunnery Sergeant Brian C. Jacklin


We love our fellow veteran orgs and groups here on Facebook, and one of our faves is Battlesight Zero. One of their posts this week in particular really struck a rousing and inspiring nerve with us. So, it is our pleasure here at the 59 Veterans Project to share this post and also share a hearty USMC battle cry with you:



When two Marines were critically wounded and the Taliban surrounded his team, Gunnery Sergeant Brian C. Jacklin took charge.

“Does anybody have a problem with risking it to take these guys out there?”

None of the MARSOC Marines objected. GySgt Jacklin called in air support and medevac choppers while the rest of the Special Operations Team recovered, treated, and moved the wounded. Jacklin held his ground firing M203 grenade rounds and his rifle, standing as the front line of defense between the team and the insurgents vastly outnumbering them. Enemy fire remained so intense, the first medevac bird could not land. When Navy SEALs arrived to relieve the team, GySgt Jacklin volunteered to remain behind with them and fight. For his heroic, inspiring leadership, GySgt Jacklin was awarded the Navy Cross.

To read this complete, bad-ass post, go here:



There are some who’d rather not have what the path of least resistance would foolishly protect them from having. — Patrick The Poet



Sometimes memories seem like seashells on a beach,
Lonely little gems of happiness from the past.
And what the sand has kept buried and out of reach.
The fear of ever opening your heart at last.

For there are moments when paradise almost came,
When once you felt the courage to give love a chance.
But all you can feel now is what time cannot name…
Seashores and seashells and what sorrow calls romance.

Oh, how they make you remember the past again
And all the happiness you grieved and failed to live.
And yes, the person you once were and could have been.
And all the happiness that love wanted to give.


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This Week at The Good Typist Fabulous Reading is to be Had!



This week’s post at The Good Typist is truly an incredibly fun and cosmically enlightening one to read, absorb and enjoy!

You deserve to read it. Here:

New Law Makes it a Crime to Say a Pet is a Service Animal Who Isn’t

Beginning September 1, people in Alabama who falsely claim that their pet is a #ServiceAnimal can face criminal charges. Here:

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Commemorate World War II with the 59 Veterans!



Seventy-four years ago this month Japan surrendered to Allied Forces and World War II came to an official end. It is our pride and honor here at the 59 Veterans Project to share this famous iconic photograph that so aptly captured and encapsulated this historical event.

Foremost, it is our pride and honor to commemorate all the veterans of World War II for their service and sacrifice. Past and present, wherever you are, we will never forget.

You are eternal heroes…AND WE SALUTE YOU! 🇺🇸️💖🇺🇸️


Come Experience Queen Ofir at the Miss West Coast Pageant on August 17, 2019!



Award winning singer-songwriter and international performing artist Queen Ofir is a major contestant in this year’s Miss West Coast Pageant ( to be held this Saturday, August 17, 2019, in southern California. And you are invited to attend!
Live your life with passion and come share in Queen Ofir’s journey of beauty and success at the Miss West Coast Pageant on Saturday.
We hope to see you there! 😍🎵🤩💖🤩🎵😍

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