The 59 Veterans Project Introduces You to our National Parks!

15 National Parks


The 59 Veterans Project can’t wait to launch its amazing journey of education and discovery that entails training U.S. veterans for a career in 4K ultra high-definition and virtual reality videography. The project will produce a series of 1-hour programs featuring each of America’s epic National Parks.

Operated by the National Park Service and established by an act of the U.S. Congress, Yellowstone became America’s first national part in 1872. Twenty-nine states and the territories of American Samoa and U.S. Virgin Islands have national parks.

California has the most parks (nine), followed by Alaska with eight, then Utah (five) and Colorado with four. The largest national park, of course, is Wrangell–St. Elias in Alaska consisting of over 8 million acres (32,375 km2). Now that’s a lot of acreage we can’t wait to experience and video-record with military veterans at our side.

To learn more about the 59 Veterans, please visit our online headquarters at Indeed, our journey with veterans is gong to be epic, and its ascent is one we can’t wait to share also with you!

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