The 59 Vets Introduces You to Wind Cave National Park!



Over in South Dakota is a majestic rugged place known as Wind Cave National Park. Established in 1903 and consisting of almost 34,000 acres, Wind Cave is very distinctive for its calcite fin formations called boxwork, which is a unique formation found almost nowhere else.

The vast cave is one of the longest and most complex caves in the world. Above ground is a mixed-grass prairie with animals such as bison, black-footed ferrets and prairie dogs, and ponderosa pine forests that are home to cougars and elk. The cave is culturally significant for the Lakota people because the site “from which Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery, sent the buffalo out into their hunting grounds.”

To learn more abut Wind Cave National Park, you can go here: And to learn about our project to help U.S. military veterans, please visit us here: We can’t wait to ascend this lofty summit with veterans everywhere!


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