The 59 Veterans Wants to Take You Canoe Riding at Everglades National Park!



Everglades National Park just may be the canoe capital of the world. It certainly is the canoe capital of Florida and our national park system! And guess what? Beginning December 15, just a few days from now, and until March 31 of next year, Everglades National Park is offering free canoe rides throughout its rugged region called the Wilderness.

There’s nothing quite like “the Flamingo” Wilderness anywhere else on planet Earth. The enormous but mesmerizing region is rife with wildlife of every kind: exotic birds, reptiles, epic foliage and trees (and strange driftwood!) and aquatic creatures that defy description.

Visiting Everglades National Park can be the adventure of a lifetime, and canoeing the dauntless Everglades a robust, exciting and unforgettable experience! And all of us here at the 59 Veterans can’t wait to scale this summit with our military veterans soon.

To learn more about this iconic national park and canoeing the Wilderness, go here: And to learn about our project to help U.S. veterans, please visit us at Ours is a summit that welcomes you!

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