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Don’t squander your time away at home watching television or cumulus clouds accumulate in the gray, drab sky. READ A GREAT BOOK!

For there are plenty of reasons to read a bestseller during this time. Consider Ted Hasson’s bestselling true story “Meet…THE OddsMaker” and you’ll see why the fans immensely agree: This is a must-read page-turner you can’t put down until you’ve read and experienced it up close and personal.

Here is just a tiny bit of what reviewer Keith initially had to say in his five-star review: “Excellent read – my hat is off to the author for a nice eye opener on life around the Enron crash to the insurance industry. Overall a very well paced and in-depth bio of a real roller coaster life…” Full of action, passion, drama and thrilling suspense!

Come Meet…THE OddsMaker online and see the rest of this captivating review and give yourself the opportunity to experience the unforgettable read of a lifetime!

Simply click here:

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