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My healthy health and tea products are coming soon! I’m getting all my products packaged and ready and launching my new business extremely soon. One thing that motivated me to create my own health products was that I wanted to cut at least 50% of wrinkles from my body. And with my original health and tea products I’ve been able to do it! As it is, I will turn 54 in two months…not that you can tell!

— Oni Vitandham

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Let’s Help Don Martini–It’s Cancer Awareness Month!

For ALL those who have donated, THANK YOU to Don Martini’s Cancer Surgery Fund!! Please help us save this good man’s life so he can spend many, many more years of it with his wife and children.
For it is now October. The Cancer awareness month. Don is hoping that everyone will donate so that he can finally get his surgery. Please help out by donating what you can. The goodness you do is supreme…and forever!

Please Help This Good Man!


Please visit our new FB page “Causes Worth Supporting & Helping.” Our very first cause is Don Martini. We are supporting his crowdfunding campaign to gather donations so he can obtain the surgery he needs to remove his cancer and so he can live a long life and be with his wife and children.

Don is a good man, a devoted husband and a loving father. Your donation–even of just $5–can make a difference in saving his life. Please go here and visit his GoFundMe site and help however much you can:

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” — Aesop

Cleanse ~ Lose Fat ~ Reshape ☀️ Summer is Coming!


Are you ready? To cleanse your cells and optimize your health? Lose fat and reshape YOUR BODY? Especially for the upcoming summer? Well, check out ‘s powerful article on LinkedIn Pulse. She offers you the simple but thoroughly enjoyable way to do it!

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You CANNOT beat this: Stuff you need to know!

You CANNOT beat this - Stuff you need to know

“You CANNOT beat this: Stuff you need to know” by Victoria Wieszkowiak is a fabulous read on LinkedIn Pulse. Especially if you desire to lose weight, get fit, achieve optimal health and look and feel great. She knows how to make it happen for you! Right here:

And You Say You Care About Others?

Ever meet people who say they care about others and would love a chance to do something kind and noble for someone else? Then when they get that chance to even give just a few bucks to help save a person’s life so he can live on and be a husband and also a father to his children, they do nothing? Ever meet such people? Me too.
Oh, by the way, here’s one of those chances to do something kind and noble and help save a person’s life. Right here:

“Helping a person may not change the world, but it will change the world for that person you help.”

DON MARTINI AND FAMILYPlease Tell Everyone In Your FB & Social Networks!

It’s that time of year not only to give thanks for all we have, but to help others who have less or are suffering life far worse than ourselves.  The act of compassion is not in how much you give or care–but that you do.  So even just a few bucks donated to this good person to help him get his cancer surgery can make a tremendous difference.  Do you feel like doing good and making a difference?  Just $1 from many people can make such a difference…and even save a good person’s life–a good person sorely needed by his wife and children.

“Helping a person may not change the world, but it will change the world for that person you help.” –Anonymous

We all can do it here:

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