Imagine yourself as the proverbial David from The Bible and finding yourself surrounded on every side by an almost endless multitude of Goliaths, all poised to ruin and destroy you with haste and extreme prejudice! Imagine yourself betrayed by loyal co-workers and friends and with no one left but one deathless individual and a handful of devoted followers who believe in truth, justice and love as always a few only do.

Now imagine finding the needed strength and courage inside you to do battle with these Goliaths, and prevailing against them as only tireless strength and courage can! Truly then, you are ready to Meet…THE OddsMaker. And meet Ted Hasson!

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There is a chapter in an incredible novel I cherish that is called “Love Is All.” It is one of my favorite chapters in a book, and it inspired me to write this poem.



Somewhere out there
I know I will find you,
someone kind and gentle and fair,
who has also stood in the darkness,
alone and endlessly,

but never let it blind you.

For somewhere out there
I know you will find me,
beyond the darkness, and above,
the world so harsh and cruel and bare.
To come and caressingly remind me

why we must never give up on love.




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As a military veteran himself, Ted Hasson and all of us here at Meet…THE OddsMaker feel honored to acknowledge Memorial Day and all our veterans–past and present. We salute all of you!

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Here is a winning poem of mine it is my pleasure to share with the Universe. If you enjoy it, drop me a note and tell me of your pleasure and joy!

–Patrick P. Stafford /



Make this the passion of a lifetime
as if today is the beginning
and there is no yesterday:
Set out upon the ship of life
disciplined in mind and spirit,
fearless of peril and danger,
dauntless with faith and conviction,
certain of justice and in judgment,
relentless in duty and with honesty,
prepared for enterprise and challenge,
humble and merciful in victory,
and glorious and dignified in defeat!
Embrace each day with pride and gratitude
and honor yourself with happiness and joy.
Be different, be special, be a philosopher!
Set a goal, take a chance, strive for freedom!
And dare to try.

For this is the passion of a lifetime
as if tomorrow is today
and there is no turning back:
Set out upon the ship of life
loyal to wisdom and to truth,
true to love and to friendship,
brave before suffering and despair,
adamant against evil and corruption,
triumphant over anger and hate,
stronger than motive and emotion,
and meek and gentle with compassion!
Embrace each day with reverence and wonder
and reward yourself with laughter and beauty.
Be unique, be visionary, be a dreamer!
Set an example, strike a blow, strive for peace!
And dare to live.
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In a uniquely worded, structured, lexicon way, poetry should enlighten, entertain, invoke thought and emotion, excite and/or compel, or inspire the reader to feel and do something with his life and in the world. Here’s a poem I trust may do one or many of these with you!
Let tomorrow call out–sweet and sublime!
And day bring forth its promise of reward!
Let the truth be heard–that now is the time:
To make peace from war and plowshare from sword!
(And achieve the dreams we should strive toward!)
The past is behind us, the past is gone,
But the future is our strongest belief!
Among all the stars ever wished upon,
Is one to purge us of vengeance and grief
(And steal us from hate like a martyred thief!)
A world divided…the world united:
In certain cause, and linked by common fate,
Has sworn…that all of us are invited
To share in the making of something great
(The choice is still ours–it’s never too late!)
Let us be amazed and let us be awed
By all the good we have previously done.
But with new hope and by the grace of God,
Yearn to accomplish beyond earth and sun
What has never been done by anyone!
For vanquish prejudice, distrust and pain!
We shall not survive heartless or mindless!
What there is of grief and darkness and rain
And despair and poverty and blindness,
We shall overcome with human kindness!
So join in life–and forget about death.
But give to life all that is worth giving!
Let love be the last word upon your breath,
That before time should seem unforgiving,
Bury the dead and get on with living.
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