Join the 59 Vets Project to Celebrate the 100th Birthday of the NPS!

It’s really our profound pleasure here at the 59 VETERANS PROJECT to share this post from the National Park Foundation on Facebook. This year and this very month the National Park Service (NPS) is enjoying its 100th Birthday!
But we’re sure a lot of outdoor hiking, biking, jogging, walking, skipping, para-gliding, parachuting, videographing, photographing and general barbecuing and partying are happening throughout the year at all 59 of our national parks. Not to mention all the other national historical sites overseen by the NPS.
The year’s still young. Visit a national park when you get a chance and share in the 100-year-NPS anniversary. You can visit the National Park Service page here on Facebook at And don’t forget to visit our 59 VETERANS PROJECT page to learn about us and what we will be doing to help veterans who will be joining us in didactic journeys across our beautiful 59 national parks as we ascend this summit together!