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Not Social Networking but Social Advertising!

I don’t mean to brag, but I think I just invented a new Internet term.  It is: Social Advertising.  It’s a term I think that really zeros in on what lots of us do on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.  We market our online business and advertise our services or products online and via these and other social networks and domains.  We’re in business and need to make a living and earn green stuff, so we market our business online.  We let people know about our business and the great dynamic service or product we have for them.  And that’s that.  Nothing wrong with what all of us professionally do in this regard.

So I don’t mind social advertising your business for you.  On Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, wherever.  Matter of fact, here is a social ad I wrote for a company fan page on Facebook not too long ago.  They’re called Whispering Eye Tequila.  My ad for them is called a funny but compelling call to action.  And yes, social advertising. 

If you’d like such social advertising written for your online business, drop me a note here and let’s chat.  Meanwhile, enjoy the drill instructor and my ad.  Social advertising can be fun as well as effective marketing!  

Patrick P. StaffordWhispering Eye Tequila
This D.I. guy just ordered me to enjoy some Whispering Eye Tequila. And I suggest we all do so before he orders us to get down and do 50 push-ups! The Tequila’s a heck of lot more fun…and oh such a delicious elixir for every kind of exciting activity…wherever your imagination takes you. (:->