New Law Makes it a Crime to Say a Pet is a Service Animal Who Isn’t

Beginning September 1, people in Alabama who falsely claim that their pet is a #ServiceAnimal can face criminal charges. Here:

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Review of TRI-UNITY INTERNATIONAL, INC. – MyGlobalPayline.Com™


Tri-Unity International is a health and wellness company located in San Diego, California, and founded by a man named Greg Gunderson who has a tremendous amount of experience with MLM and the network marketing industry. His mission has been to create a company with innovative health products that are powerful and beneficial. His MLM and network marketing platform is one that Tri-Unity uses that offers an attractive pay plan with low start-up costs which are affordable to people everywhere.  Tri-Unity touts products that are revolutionary and which supply essential nutrition for the body as well as the brain. Some of Tri-Unity’s products include Acai Plus, Fitness Magic, Feed My Brain, Clear heart, and White Lightning Energy Drink.  And when a distributor joins the organization he receives a free bottle of the product of his choice.

What Tri-Unity has done is recently launch a major multi level marketing and network marketing consortium called MyGlobalPayLine.Com™.  With this new program, Tri-Unity claims it has now leveled the playing field for anyone interested in making a serious living in the booming Internet Marketing / Home Based Business industry.  One basis of the program is, simply stated, a system which offers so much for so little, while providing health products the world has longed for. In addition to this no other plan can offer such immense financial rewards while requiring such low qualifications.
MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ allows anyone to start immediately working as a MLM at home business individual for Tri-Unity, and one can begin for as little as $14 per month, with an affiliate member for only $29 a month.  The program touts one of the most generous pay plans in the world, and a new member can soon be earning money from eight different income streams.  The company states these seven reasons why the MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ program is taking off: The business is a straight-line system that offers business in over 200 countries, it offers an optional Global $29 Affiliate Program, provides personally sponsored matching bonuses, comes with weekly unlimited eight generation fast-start bonuses, is a program that pays through 10 generations of monthly commissions, has car and house bonuses (with as much as $20K a month or more), and offers the highest paying and most attainable monthly revenue-sharing pools in the industry.
For MLM and network marketing entrepreneurs who want to increase their income or work full time at home in their own business, MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ is definitely a great opportunity to them.  Both lead generators and affiliates can now earn a portion of the entire worldwide sales that MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ provides in volume each and every month.  There is even more to its compensation plan, almost too much to enumerate here.  But to find out more and how you can immediately join Tri-Unity’s MyGlobalPayLine.Com™, visit their impressive website at:  It may be your MLM and network marketing opportunity of a lifetime!

GROUPON – Deal Of The Day Super Business!

There is a new big kid on the MLM and discount selling and buying product market, and its name is Groupon, who is in the business of offering group coupons (thus its name “Groupon”) through thousand of affiliate websites and vendors to consumers everywhere who want to cash in on “deal-of-the-day” product and service discounts on almost everything imaginable.  Groupon offers discounted gift certificates, and these are usable at all kinds of locall and national companies.  And when I say Groupon is available to consumers everywhere, I meant it.  Groupon is now available to over 150 markets in America and another 100 markets around the globe.  In fact, since October of 2010 it is believed that the company has over 35 million registered users.  So this kid is not only big, he’s giant!
There are also several international deal-of-the-day operations owned by Groupon, which were originally offered deal-of-the-day services similar to Groupon.  They have been rebranded under the Groupon name and include the European company MyCityDeal, in Japan, in Singapore, and the Russian business called  Plus, Groupon recently purchased the deal-of-the-day company in India and will be rebranding it fairly soon.  Groupon has also acquired uBuyiBuy which it has relaunched under its name in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines; as well as acquiring the company located in Malaysia.  So Groupon is definitely an international, conglommorate family of kids to be reckoned with.
The way Groupon works is pretty straightforward and easy to grasp, especially by MLM aficionados and nework marketing gurus: a group coupon (a “Groupon”) is offered per day in each of the markets where it does business.  This Groupon is like an assurance contract wherein if a certain number of individuals sign up for the offer, then the deal is open to everyone.  There is, however, a predetermined minimum, and if this is not met then no gets the deal of the day.  Retailers treat the coupons as quantity discounts as well as marketing promotions, and they enjoy reduced risks this way.  The company earns money by keeping almost half the profits each customer pays for a Groupon.  And whammo! you have a company platform and a method of offering discount products that  
Groupon makes money by keeping approximately half the money the customer pays for the coupon, the rest going to the retailer or multi level marketing affiliate, which in this case, is over 35 million MLM sellers worldwide. 
Groupon is definitely all over the world and online, and even on Facebook where members are offering Groupons to people in their networks.  So social networking and network marketing are definitely in vogue when you become a MLM affiliate with Groupon.  To learn more about this company and its platform for multi level marketing and affiliate selling, you can visit their FAQ page at, and about the amazing opportunities they offer to MLM affiliates and new signees no matter where you live.  Groupon is indeed a big new kid on the block, and they want you to become part of their very profitable family!  Go check them out at their main page at



Maybe the most important actions we can do in online marketing and networking is to build relationships with people.  It consists of meeting a complete stranger and converting him into a customer, client, affiliate, and even a friend.  It’s a case of generating and establishing interest and trust from that person in you, and thus creating familiarity and name recognition from him of you and your business.  The more you do this with a person, the more are you establishing a rapport with him, and thus a relationship.  On Facebook, there are several dynamite ways of doing this.  And it’s so simple you won’t believe it!
Naturally, the first thing you need to do is invite members on Facebook to network with you.  So you send friend requests out.  And this you should do three or four times each day say, about five invites at a time so you don’t alert the Facebook Thought Police to your sinister act of inviting complete strangers to network with you and be your friend.  So send five invites out maybe four times a day, spread out over the entire day for each sending. Out of this 20 you send each day, I would predict you get at least half who respond favorably, accept your invite, and join your network.  This translates into acquiring 300 new people in your Facebook friends network per month, which is pretty good.  And someone said quantity friendship isn’t good.  Wrong!
Next, stay in touch with people who join your friends network on Facebook.  How?  Simple: send them a “LIKE.”  You simply visit their home page and look at one of their postings or listed interests there, and click on the LIKE icon under their posting or interest.  They will see that you like their posting and/or the same interest.  And they will notice you.  More importantly, they will feel liked, and that you like them.  And everyone wants to be liked, right?
And you send them a POKE.  Look at your Facebook HOME page and you’ll see where you can do this.  Actually, you can go to any member’s site and click on the POKE icon there, and your poke will appear on their home page the next time they visit it.  Sending a simple poke to someone on Facebook is giving that person attention.  It shows that you are thinking about them.  And they will notice you.  More importantly, they will feel thought of and and worthy of attention.  And everyone wants to feel thought of and worthy of attention, right?
Each day you can send personal greetings to friends in your network on Facebook.  Keep it short and sweet: “Hope you’re having a great day!” or “Just wanted to say hi and wish you a happy Wednesday!”  You can also post such a greeting to your wall to send to everyone in your network simultaneously.  But it’s far more powerful to send greetings to individuals and make each one of them feel special.  Same thing with birthday greetings.  Look at the top right side of your HOME page and you will see posted those people in your network whose birthday it is that day.  Send them a short and sweet birthday message.  People are usually at their best on their birthday and really appreciate when someone notices it is their birthday and sends them a greeting, even if it’s just “Happy birthday to you!”  It’s the thought that counts, right?  And they will think of you after you show you are thinking of them. 
WALL or NEWS FEED messages are the most powerful way of contacting everyone in your network on Facebook, and contacting all of them at once.  This is the place to later send your message to advertise your business or sell a product or get people interested in whatever you want people to become interested in.  The key to contacting network friends on Facebook is staying in contact with them and keeping them aware of you and making them feel that you are aware of them, interested in them, and thinking of them.  These simple methods of doing this is what makes Facebook such a great place to make friends and influence people.  It’s the place where it is totally free to meet people and acquire customers and clients, and even affiliates for your online or MLM business.  And do so with little effort or work, and as fast as you can like or poke a person to having a relationship with you!

Generating Lists From Facebook – Part Two

Continuing my discourse about generating lists from Facebook, I hope the following is helpful to you:

And indeed, this is so easy to explain and tell you that yes, someone please wake me!  It is: Now advertise your online business on Facebook.  Ridiculous, isn’t it, how sleepingly easy the whole thing is?  Okay, okay, let me state the details of advertising on Facebook.  Forgive me!
Facebook has what they call the NEWS FEED.  It’s a window to comment or type a message located at the top of your profile page.  When you type a message inside this window and hit SEND, your message goes to your entire network of friends for them to see and read.  Or you can send your message to a select group or list of networked friends, if you want.  Either way, you can instantly reach literally thousands of people instantly and simultaneously by creating a short message in the NEWS FEED window and hitting SEND to immediately send it out to your network.  You can also post a message and send to your network by posting on your WALL in your Facebook profile. 
And short message is key here.  For Facebook only allows a certain number of character spaces to be typed as a message in the NEWS FEED window to send out at one time.  However, this is easy to bypass: You can write a longer message–YOUR SALES AD–and send it out through two or three or more NEWS FEED windows so you can get your entire advertisement to everyone. 
But I recommend creating a short ad and sending the entirety of it in one NEWS FEED window.  People seem to worship succinctness and very short messages on Facebook and are not inclined to read long messages or ads.  So I highly recommend keeping your messages and marketing ads short enough to fit into one NEWS FEED delivery and not subjecting network friends to long messages which they may ignore or delete from their profile page when your message arrives.  

I have a friend who now has almost 5,000 people in his Facebook network.  He keeps adding more friends to his network every day.  He’s ridiculous, actually, but a shrewd businessman, I daresay.  He’s written a book.  He wrote it almost two years ago.  Yet he keeps selling 10 or more copies of it everyday.  On Facebook.  Cause he keeps adding people to his network, keeps generating new lists of customers to advertise and sell his book to, and is quite content to earn $200.00 per day doing this (his book sells for about twenty bucks!).  That’s $1,400.00 a week he’s earning, people.  Imagine what you can earn if you start advertising and marketing your business or book or product or service on Facebook and have lots of books and other products to sell there.  The ramifications are seriously upsetting! lol


Of all the popular online social networks, there is one whose main focus is business between and for business people and professional businesses.  And this significant online social network is called Linkedin (  Linkedin is about building professional relationships and making contact with potential clients, customers, colleagues, and leads.  It is also about marketing and promoting your business and connecting to people who have a good chance of being like-minded and directly interested in what your business does and is about.
Unlike Facebook Bobo, Digg, MySpace, Twitter, and similar social websites, Linkedin is less about making new friends, dating, social relationships, and pen-pal chatting than it is about doing real business online.  It may be more difficult to make or earn contacts on Linkedin but it’s easier to find real business people online and those who stand a much better chance to be interested in your business, purchase your product(s), and even join and become a part of your business network.  Most everyone on Linkedin is unequivocal about why he is there.  It’s not to meet charming people or look for a love mate.  It’s to wheel and deal and make critical connections which may evolve into significant business between all parties concerned.  

You should join Linkedin immediately if you haven’t already.  No need to eschew Facebook and the other social websites.  They are important, too.  Linkedin is just more important and a more direct means to your building your business lists, acquiring leads and affiliates, making significant business contacts, and letting the right people know about who you are and what you do and why they need to do business with you.  Get linked to Linkedin, and see your business get linked to doing real business online!

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