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Once of the best and most loving buddy cats I ever had (or I should say he had me!) was my two-thirds calico cat Tibbitt.  I named him Tibbitt cause he had an operatic voice like the famous baritone from years ago, Lawrence Tibbitt.  Well, my Tibbett could sing with the best of them!  When I lost him and knew he was gone, I wrote him this tribute poem.  For those of you who have had buddy cats and appreciate our feline friends, I think you might enjoy my humble little poem here.  You might even take it to heart…and then to heaven with you!

Patrick The Poet



I lost a dear, tender cat friend today,
A true friend I loved more than words can say.
And though I didn’t see him killed, or die,
When he didn’t come home today, my heart knew why.

I guess the creatures we love and who love us
Sometimes love us beyond all human belief.
Yes, they do become like angels above us.
But first they go off to die alone to spare us grief.


This kind of photos is the kind that should make everyone’s day!
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Ten Great Tips For 2013…

Here are some great tips for the New Year!

Patrick The Poet

Ten Great Tips For 2013…


1.  Stay out of trouble.

2.  Aim for greater heights. 

3.  Stay focused on your job.

4.  Exercise to maintain good health.

5.  Practice team work.

6.  Rely on your trusted partner to watch your back.  Take your time trusting others.

7.  Save for rainy days.

8.  Rest and relax.

9.  Always take time to smile.


10.  Realize that nothing is impossible.

THE BOY FROM THE COUNTRY by the one and only JD‏

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Here is some beautiful music to add to what I hope is a beautiful day you are enjoying with family and friends.  To complement this sparkling day here is an inimitable song by the one and only John Denver.

As it is, John Denver will always occupy a special place in my heart.  For his amazingly beautiful voice and vocal range, and for the incredibly beautiful and sensitive songs that he wrote and sang.  Here is one those most superlative of all songs he wrote and sang, and it was one I used to sing myself years ago when I was in the business; and it’s a song I hope everyone will listen to.  The reasons for doing so will become oh so clear to you after you do!  Enjoy.

PaTricK ThE PoeT