As a professional writer, there are numerous writing and editing services I provide professional businesses and regular folks. One of these is writing personalized poems. And regardless of the subject or specifics, I can probably write you an elegant and poignant poem to memorialize that special person or event you have in mind. And my fees are quite reasonable! I also write different categories of verse including romance, nature, philosophy. humor, family, politics and even for brand products.

Here is a form of verse called the sonnet–two of them actually–which, if you really appreciate romantic poetry, just might do the job!


I felt among strangers that final day,
Like mourners at a graveyard donned in black;
Mourning the sight of you walking away,
Though you stopped for a moment to look back.
I knew you could not see that I saw you,
And the look of sorrow upon your face.
That sadly a last look did not draw you
To return to a sweet and warmer place!
It was never somewhere you hoped to be,
Even the times when feeling loved felt great.
So why bother now looking back to see
What you knew long ago would be too late?
So go away, as have I, and walk on;
There’s no use looking back for what is gone.


No amount of love knows what lies ahead,
Nor what sorrowful words remain unsaid.
For not everyone fears desolation
At the time when goodbye is first spoken.
Still, sometimes love offers consolation
When there is more than one heart that’s broken.
Often it’s not seen in a lover’s eyes
When goodbye is meant as the final good.
But can’t forgive and forget when loves dies
To explain what cannot be understood.
So in silence I would speak another,
(The word farewell you whispered at the end!)
A word only spoken by a lover…
But never someone who had been a friend.




This might be the poem you would send to someone who committed treason against your friendship and against the love you both shared.  For treason deserves, at the very least, reprimand.  And the refusal of forgiveness–at least until it has been earned.  And it is not, I daresay, easy to earn when treason and betrayal are the crimes committed.

Patrick The Poet


From the tree of grief and bitter sorrow must you eat
Wherever a great friendship or caring love should fail.
Deep are the words one must carry in bitter defeat,
Or like a dream slain, a hope lost, or where lies prevail,
Here beneath the vale of unconscionable deceit,
I loathe to say…nothing is worst than a friend’s betrayal!
So that here, now, in the auspice of this bitter night,
Here within this sad epistle truth calls me to write,
Gone now is the sure smile of your trust and noble grace!
Gone with the desire of every wanting endeavor!
Gone now is the visage of another honest face!
Gone with the true loyalty of souls once joined together!
For gone now is the glory of your friendly embrace!
Gone with my hope that anything could last forever!
So that here, now, I must curse the name of crime and sin
And look not upon meaningful things life should deny,
For bitterness of loss and forgetfulness, come in!
And stay a while!–But let me not see how friendships die!
Oh, vain righteousness is your spirit–I let you win!
While I bid thee forever an infinite goodbye!


TRUE LOVEThe best kind of love is the loyal and fidelity kind.  It is someone you can always trust to always be honest and true.  And never doubt it!  Such people exist, many in fact.  If not most!  For such qualities denote true love.  And true love denotes happiness!

Patrick The Poet


A little night music and then some time spent in the dark
Might accommodate and dissipate your grief-filled hours!
Then blot out the morning that brings sunlight without a spark,
And all that’s left of human warmth from what death devours.
But do not hope to find love again–do not seek it out.
For then such memories of a sparkling truth will fade!
And once where there had been true love and no lingering doubt,
Will become a graveyard where all but sorrow has decayed.
So let a little night music and then some time alone
Alleviate and mitigate the darkness in your soul!
Some sunlit warmth may come again and let the truth be known:
Love is a god over whom we have no strength or control.
And though forgetfulness comes to you like it did in youth,
Then with time yearns to see all your memories wilt and fade,
Somewhere in the darkness…someone is whispering the truth
About someone who loved someone whom they never betrayed.