Imagine yourself as the proverbial David from The Bible and finding yourself surrounded on every side by an almost endless multitude of Goliaths, all poised to ruin and destroy you with haste and extreme prejudice! Imagine yourself betrayed by loyal co-workers and friends and with no one left but one deathless individual and a handful of devoted followers who believe in truth, justice and love as always a few only do.

Now imagine finding the needed strength and courage inside you to do battle with these Goliaths, and prevailing against them as only tireless strength and courage can! Truly then, you are ready to Meet…THE OddsMaker. And meet Ted Hasson!

For his story is a true and real one, and one you will not put down once you start reading it. The words “good” and “great” fail to describe the experience. You simply need to join Ted Hasson in his epic journey and experience it yourself.

Already a three-time bestselling novel, Meet…THE OddsMaker awaits you here: Are you ready for the ride of your life?!