For Crime Scene/Trauma Cleanup, You Need to Call on MasterCat Team!


When it comes to crime scene and trauma cleanup, MasterCat Team is the most trusted and skilled remediation company you can hire. Serving the greater Chicago area, State of Illinois and other regions on occasion throughout the country, MasterCat Team is the cleanup and remediation company your home or business needs to get the job done fast…and done right!

Our services in this category include and cover:

– Crime Scene Cleanup
– Trauma Cleanup
– Homicide, Unattended Death & Suicide Cleanup
– Aftermath Trauma Cleanup
– Biohazard Remediation / Waste Cleanup
– Blood Cleanup & Bodily Fluid Cleanup
– Body Decomposition Cleanup
– And so much more!

Please visit our new website to learn more about how we can clean up, fix, remediate and restore your business or residential property of the damage and destruction caused by crime scene and trauma events. Here:


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For over 15 years MasterCat Team has been providing the Chicago area, State of Illinois and many U.S. regions with the finest service possible in home and business remediation and repair. No brag, but MasterCat Team is a leader in the industry when it comes to remedying, cleaning up and restoring property that’s been damaged by water, flood, fire, mold, infestation or sewage as well as from trauma and crime scene events.

Crime scenes and trauma damage caused by events like vehicular accidents, homicide, suicide, violence and even terrorism can be extremely unpleasant and difficult to remediate. But this is what we do at MasterCat Team. And are here to do for you better than best whenever the need arises!

Visit our dynamic website to learn more, especially regarding our crime scene and trauma remediation services, and when you need a specialized cleanup company who is reputable, trustworthy, efficient, discreet and certified to provide you the topnotch remediation service you deserve!


Fire Damage to Your Property? Call MasterCat Team!



The damage caused by fire to your home or business can be devastating and even catastrophic. This is why you need a remediation/restoration and cleanup company you can depend upon and who you can contact 24/7 (day or night!) to discreetly and immediately come to your location without delay.
It’s more than need. It’s what you deserve! A company whose integrity, compassion and competence you can trust…ALWAYS.
This would be us: MasterCat Team LLC. Make a note of this post and our contact info. And put us in your index file. If or when you may ever need us. For you deserve the best!

Call us: 847-456-0318



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MasterCat Team sometimes provides its fire, water, mold and trauma remediation and cleanup services to cities and regions throughout the continental United States. Though its focus is usually upon the Chicago metropolitan area and State of Illinois.
Remediating and restoring business or residential property after a trauma or crime has occurred is a major service we provide and vocation of expertise and vast experience we have. Though unpleasant to consider, such incidents or events cannot be ignored. They include:
– Trauma Incidents
– Biohazard Incidents
– Home or Industrial Accidents
– Animal Waste/Remains
– Hoarding Scenes
– Forensic Investigation Chemicals
– Unattended Death/Decomposition
– Suicide/Homicide
– Crime Scenes
When one of these incidents occurs on your property, you want to employ a company who arrives on scene immediately, who will maintain your privacy and who possesses the expertise and due diligence needed to restore your property to pristine status.
Fast, efficient, reliable and honest. And also affordable! This is who we are and what we do. We are MasterCat Team, and we are here for you 24/7 if or when you have the need!
Learn more here:

“Forever Blue” Remains Forever Awesome!

 No. 5 on my all-time Top 10 list of best pop/rock/modern music albums is “Forever Blue” by Chris Isaak.  The reason for this is because every song is distinctively great and exceedingly emotionally-charged and melodic.  Isaak is not only a master guitarist and singer who can hit the highest notes (a la Roy Orbison) but his songwriting skills–especially on this album–are second to none.   Of course, you’ve got to like romantic music and torch songs to appreciate Chris Isaak, especially on this album.

The truth is, his music is haunting.  I think of him as the Frederic Chopin of today’s popular music: There is always something nostaglic, melancholic, or downright sad and tragic in his songs, especially the lyrics.  In this album he removes your heart (rips out is more like it!) several times and maybe by the end of the record hands it back to you.  Maybe.  And maybe not.  But it is a beautifully painful experience well worth losing your heart over, which Chris Isaak obviously did in order to write this musical tome.  I don’t know who or what broke his heart.  But I never get tired of Forever Blue breaking mine.

Enjoy this inimitable song sample from the album:



What the Heck Happened to My Mince Pie?

There may be a lot of problems in the country and the world, but none worse than the absence of mince pie on Thanksgiving holiday.  I find this to be a very serious problem, and one that has only worsen in recent years.  I can remember since I was knee-high to a grasshopper enjoying mince pie during the holidays–both Thanksgiving and Christmas–and my mother baking two or three mince pies in addition to the usual fare of pumpkin, apple, cheery, and the ever quintessential peach cobbler pies.  However, to me, all these pies are passe and non sequitur.  That’s right, non sequitur, I tell you!  Compared to the divine deliciousness of mince pie. 

Look, here in southern California we have Von’s, Alph-Beta, Ralph’s, Jon’s, Albertson’s, Safeway, and a slew of other popular grocery stores all filled to the ceiling with every kind of pie a pie nut can gobble on.  But no mince.  Why?  I demand to know why, and I demand restitution for this culinary misery I have suffered now for the third year in a row spending the holidays bereft of mince pie.  Ya hear what I’m saying? 

Traditionally, a mince pie is  filled with fruit mincemeat, which is called  fruitmince.  Fruitmince  consists of  dried fruit (usually raisins, currants, apricots, cherries, peaches, and candied peels), spices (nutmeg or cinnamon), nuts (almonds or walnuts), and suet and alcohol (rum or brandy). The pie is baked and then dusted with powder sugar or icing sugar.  Then you grab a fork and dig in and bask and pig-out in sheer pastry-eating delight!

However, I’ve been all over southern Cailfornia to all the above-mentioned supermarkets and every other place where a pie of any kind is sold.  And guess what?  No mince pie.  Anywhere.  And I’m not happy, I’m telling ya.  And the world has one month to fix this cosmic problem or I’m going to be really, really unhappy when Christmas comes.  And the only thing worse than a unhappy poet on these year-end holidays is an unwined minstrel on a weekend cruise ship! 

I want my mince pie.  And soon, oh cruel, heartless, pieless world.  Enough pumpkin, bring on the mince!

A Matter of Trust?

I often hear from people who stress about the issue of trust, especially with trusting people you meet online.  Trust can be such a big issue.  In fact, I think sometimes it is almost impossible to deal with.  For there are three elements to trust which all of us have to confront and handle on almost a daily basis when it comes to trust.  They are: 

1) Trust can be so darn hard to give.  

2) Trust can be so darn hard to earn. 

3) Trust can be so darn hard to keep.

The truth is, we can’t live without trust or form any kind of relationship without it.  For life does not offer lots of certainty in many cateogories of the human condition.  So when you can’t be certain, you’ve got to trust.  To emphasize this whole notion, I’ll leave you with a poem of mine comprising the very title of this post.  The poem’s genre is romantic, but the logic of its message applies to every kind of relationship, I believe.


How nice it is to give a chance
To cast fear and suspicion aside.
When trust is allowed to enter in,
A lover’s heart yearns to open wide.

For what need for fear and suspicion
When honesty is being spoken?
Such little faith is for old children
Whose hearts always fear being broken.

 So remove the blinders and armor,
There’s no cause for mistrust or alarm!
You never have to protect yourself
From anyone who means you no harm.

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