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Whenever the day is cold and dark, find such memories to make you feel warm and bright! — Patrick The Poet



I look for a beautiful spring day
And the sunrise we once knew and felt.
To remove what the cold steals away,
Which the sunrise in my heart would melt.

For there are visions I lock away
That winter could steal but wouldn’t dare!
Like your smile on a dark winter’s day,
And the wild spring sunrise in your hair.

True, there are times you have gone away,
Yet I knew you would always come back.
Though winter was strong to have its say,
Hope couldn’t leave my heart bleak and black.

But if illusion should be more real
Than what hope or love fails to convey,
I will let the memories I feel
Replace the desolate prayers I pray.

Still, truth is a poor exchange for prayer
And the visions I have locked away.
Like the wild spring sunrise in your hair.
And your smile on a dark winter’s day,


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Powerful Aircraft Carrier Post from My Navy Life!



It’s our pleasure here at My Navy Life to share this informative and exciting article about the new class of American aircraft carriers coming soon to seas and oceans around the world!

We hope you enjoy the read. And also visit amazon online to check out My Navy Life by Shane Steinhart. It’s an exciting and powerful aircraft carrier read, too!

To all our men and women in uniform, past and present, please be safe and stay frosty! 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

Greetings from Queen Ofir!

Queen Ofir wishes everyone a fabulous Monday and a fantastic workweek! 🎵💖🤩💖🎵


Introverts Arise, Virus-Induced Science Hair, I Was Push-up Shamed



Intrepid writer-poet Kristen McHenry has done it again and written another thought-provoking, entertaining blog post. To jump-start my gray matter and workweek with vim and vigor. Which a dozen cups of java and a hundred hyperbolic news briefs can and will never do!

Go here and energize your mind and spirit:



A few days ago (March 25) our nation celebrated National Medal of Honor Day, commemorating veterans past and present who were awarded our country’s highest honor for courage and valor.

Two of our favorite MOH recipients (whose pics are included here) are Audie Murphy, the most decorated U.S. veteran of World War II (who later became a famous film star!), and Marine Sgt. Maj. Dan Daly who received not one but two Medals of Honor as well as the Navy Cross. Other notable MOH recipients include:

Army Staff Sgt. Robert Miller, Afghanistan war
Army MSgt. Gary Gordon/Sgt.1stC Randall Shughart, Somalia
Air Force Capt. John Walmsley, Korean War
Navy Rear Adm. Richard Nott Antrim, World War II
Marine Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, Invasion of Haiti (2 MOHs!)
Coast Guard sailor Douglas Albert Munro, World War II
Army Air Service Eddie Rickenbacker, World War I
Army Master Sgt. Roy Benavidez, Vietnam War
Navy Chief James E. Williams, Vietnam War
Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy, Iraq War
Marine Cpl. Jason L. Dunham, Iraq War

To learn more about National Medal of Honor Day, visit, and to learn about the 59 Veterans and our project to help veterans, please visit our website online.

To all ye bravest of the brave, we salute you! 🇺🇸️💖🇺🇸




When you expand your mind, then your beliefs expand. And then your heart! — Patrick The Poet



You finish my sentences, I complete your smile.
You bring forth a candle, and I furnish the flame.
We watch the world together, and for a short while,
Our lives are joined forever and share the same name.

You read me a poem I had written for you.
The words ring out like you had written it for me.
Then we stroll the evening shore as lovers will do.
And our lips find each other…as sand does the sea!

Then the joy of the morning arrives with the dawn,
As once more your loveliness takes my breath away.
And though we pray such mornings will continue on,
There is no tomorrow–there is only today!

Like the synergy of nature that beats with one heart,
Like the sun that brings nourishment to the soul-starved land,
No matter the moments, how few they be, or apart,
Ah, no matter where we go our souls walk hand in hand!

For the world is endless, the mathematics are great!
The sand is infinite…as are droplets in the sea!
Yet despite the frailty of chance, and odds against fate,
Ah, this life we found together was our destiny!

For it was written in the stars and forged by the sun
That two distant but exact hearts would conjoin as one!
So, let the cynics eschew–for they haven’t a clue,
There is love in this cosmos that is destined and true!
For if it be not holy how the sand finds the sea,
If our lives have no cosmic meaning or destiny,
Then how in the world did I find you and you find me?


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