We Wish The Good Typist Happy Thanksgiving!


As Thursday approaches, I take pleasure in wishing Kristen McHenry and her wonderful blog The Good Typist a very Happy Thanksgiving. And also all her readers, followers and friends. And every lover of beautiful literature and poetry!

Enjoy it all here: https://bit.ly/2ONthgL

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1No matter by Patrick P. Stafford


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The 59 Vets Salutes the Oldest Living WWII MOH Recipient: Charles Henry Coolidge!

1Charles Henry Coolidge


The 59 Veterans would like to give a shout-out to the oldest living recipient of the Medal of Honor: World War II veteran Charles Henry Coolidge (US Army) who was born on August 4, 1921 (in Signal Mountain, Tennessee).

He is the only surviving Army soldier to have received the Medal of Honor during the Second World War, and next year he will be turning a young 99 years of age!

Also a recipient of the Silver and Bronze Stars and among the bravest of the brave, his MOH citation can be read here: http://www.victoryinstitute.net/…/charles-h-coolidge-medal…/

To Charles Henry Coolidge: thank you for your service and valor, sir.



Parents and grandparents would often tell us to count our blessings. Here’s at least one we should count. — Patrick The Poet



There are things only a poet knows,
Who was born to share them till the end.
That when the rain falls and the wind blows,
You need to share your heart with a friend.

For no one should go through life alone.
Nor go through life without confessing
That when the waves crash and the sands moan,
You need to count your every blessing.

For there are things every poet knows,
Which neither time nor death can destroy.
One is the memory of all those
Who brought you friendship and gave you joy.


And if you liked this verse, you just might also like this verse:

02 ResolutionsofEpicProportions

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